Aanii, Boozhoo Kina Wiiya!

Welcome all Wiikwemkoong Unceded Territory Band Members, Current and Future Beneficiaries and Visitors to the Wikwemikong Trust!

PLEASE BE AWARE that the Wikwemikong Trust is separate and unrelated to the Robinson Huron Treaty (RHT) settlement.  If you are seeking information about RHT, please contact the Wikwemikong Administration Building (705) 859-3122. 

We wish to encourage the Community, Youth and Band Members to use this website and hope that they find it informative in learning about the history, facts, and current events with respect to the Wikwemikong Trust and how it relates to them. We are pleased to introduce a new membership portal where Members of Wiikwemkoong Unceded Territory (WUT) can Register and/or Login to access more information about the Wikwemikong Trust.

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The Wikwemikong Trust will honour the Trust Agreement to hold and invest the compensation paid to it by Canada as a long-term asset for the use and benefit of the present and future members of Wiikwemkoong.


The Wikwemikong Trust

In 1995, Wiikwemkoong received $13 million dollars as cash compensation for the loss of use of Point Grondine Indian Reserve No. 3 as part of a settlement with the Government of Canada.

As a result, the 1995 Settlement Agreement between Wiikwemkoong Unceded Territory and the Government of Canada and Ontario was created. The Wikwemikong Trust Agreement is one of the obligations of the 1995 Settlement Agreement signed between Wiikwemkoong and Canada.

Although not incorporated, the Wikwemikong Trust has a Board of five Trustees and one employee: the Trust Administrative Support Officer.