Boundary Dispute & Settlement

In 1851, the Point Grondine Indian Reserve No. 3 was surveyed but Wiikwemkoong claimed that the surveyed land “was smaller than was intended by the 1850 Treaty”, therefore, Wikwemikong claimed compensation for the “loss of use of that land”.

On February 13, 1995 The Wiikwemkoong Unceded Territory entered into a Settlement Agreement with Canada and Ontario to settle Wiikwemkoong’s claim for loss of lands and the loss of use and benefit of lands and resources. Wiikwemkoong received $13,000.000.00 as settlement for the boundary dispute over the Point Grondine Indian Reserve No. 3. For information on how to obtain a copy of the 1995 Settlement Agreement please register and/or login to the Member Portal.

Creation of the Wikwemikong Trust

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1995 Trust Agreement

The approval of the 1995 Settlement Agreement required Wiikwemkoong to create a Trust Agreement “to hold and invest the compensation paid to it by Canada as a long-term asset for the use and benefit of the present and future members of Wikwemikong”. Therefore, on February 13, 1995, the Wikwemikong Trust Agreement was created.

View a copy of the 1995 Trust Agreement (Original Trust Agreement)

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1996 Trust Agreement

In 1996, the then Trustees made an Amending and Rectifying Agreement. A Community vote was held in August on the amended Trust Agreement.

View a copy of the 1996 Trust Agreement.

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Current 2010 Trust Agreement

Due to changing laws and other legal requirements, further amendments to the Trust were necessary. One significant example is that there was no description of beneficiaries in the 1995 or 1996 Trust Agreements. The 2010 Agreement was amended to include a definition of beneficiaries being all present and future Members of Wikwemikong. The amendments required consultations with the Ontario Public Guardian and Trustee (on behalf of incapacitated adults) and the Ontario Children’s Lawyer (on behalf of minor members and members who are not born yet) for approval of the Trustee Agreement after ratification by the Members entitled to vote. The amendments were ratified in April 2010 and the Trust Agreement received approval through the courts as of December 31, 2015.

View a copy of the 2010 Trust Agreement

How the Trust Operates

Trust property is for authorized investments and expenses for the benefit of the beneficiaries and for paying the “Net Income” to Wiikwemkoong.

The Wikwemikong Trust is  what is known as a “Financial Trust”.  This affects how the Trust operates.

  • The Trust holds the money in a special custodial account

  • The money is invested to earn income

  • The Trust pays authorized expenses incurred to run the Trust
  • The Trustees, with the assistance of an auditor and investment counsel, will determine the annual amount of income to be paid to Wiikwemkoong. The Trust then pays out the annual income (after expenses) to Wiikwemkoong.

  • Wiikwemikoong will then contribute an amount equal to the annual inflation factor times the value of the Trust at the end of the previous year. This is an annual contribution for increases in the Consumer Price Index (CPI), if any. This last step is to protect the Trust Property from inflation.

  • The Trustees have no authority in how to spend the Net Income.

  • Instead, this is left to the Chief and Council to decide how to use the Net Income in the best interest of Members.

The Trustees

Janine Pitawanakwat

Janine is a registered member of Wiikwemkoong. She has earned her Bachelor of Commerce Degree from Nipissing University. Her current role for The Wikwemikong Trust is as a Trustee.

In January 2016, she began her first appointment as Trustee and is currently undergoing her 3rd term. Janine also serves as Administrative Trustee for the Trust and was first appointed as such in 2019. Prior to her current role as Systems Administrator for Wikwemikong Health Centre, Janine worked as a Loans Officer with Wikwemikong Development Commission and a Financial Representative with TD Bank.

Janine is a member of the National Trust Officers Association and has successfully completed Phase 1 & 2 Trustee Training through Lethbridge College.

She believes in building fundamental financial literacy to all, as it is important knowledge for all ages. Her values are the seven grandfather teaching (Gwekwaadiziwin, Debwewin, Aakodewewin, Nibwaakawin, Dibaadendiziwin, Minsaadedemowin and Zaagidiwin) as this can be applied to all life’s journeys. Her personal interests are spending time with family and friends, hiking and going on new adventures small or big because life is an adventure.

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Joseph Bastien

Bio coming soon!

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Marilyn Jacko

Marilyn is from the Odawa Nation. She has a strong educational background in law and justice and in the administration field. She obtained her Legal Assistant Diploma and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Law and Justice. She has also obtained a certificate in Oral history from the University of Alberta as well as a certificate from the Aboriginal Professional Administrator program through AFOA Canada. Marilyn is also a Certified Arbitrator and Adjudicator from the Osgoode Professional Development Department.

Marilyn was raised in Wiikwemkoong and is the Executive Administrative Assistant to Wiikwemkoong Unceded Territory Chief and Council. She first began a 3-year term as Trustee with the Wikwemikong Trust in 2017 and is currently completing her second term. Marilyn is also a member of the National Trust Officer Association and has successfully completed Phase I of the Trustee Training program through Lethbridge College.

As a Trustee for the Wikwemikong Trust, Marilyn’s ultimate goal is to see the Trust Capital increase over time for the benefit of the Beneficiaries.

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Wayne Kaboni

Wayne is the Trust’s newest appointed Trustee. He was appointed in January 2023 and is serving a 3-year term with the Wikwemikong Trust.

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Kevin Wassegijig

Bio Coming Soon!

The Trust Administrative Support Officer (TASO)

What is the Role of the TASO?

The main role of the Trust Administrative Support Officer (TASO) is to provide administrative and office management support for the Trustees of the Wikwemikong Trust.

The TASO acts as the central contact person for the Trustees in communications with Chief and Council, all service professionals, and individual Band Members.

Who is the current TASO?

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Leona Debassige-Assiniwe

Leona began her post-secondary education at Laurentian University and has completed her Bachelor of Arts in Indigenous Studies and Law and Justice. She obtained her Law Clerking diploma from Canadore College and worked as a Law Clerk in several law firms before deciding to further her education in the legal field. She obtained her Juris Doctor degree from the University of Manitoba in 2018. Her law school education has afforded Leona substantive legal knowledge in trust structures and in securities.

In May 2019, Leona re-joined the Wikwemikong Trust as Trust Administrative Support Officer. Leona feels that this position provides invaluable experience in working with an Indigenous Trust while understanding the availability of differing Indigenous trust structures and frameworks needed for individual Indigenous communities. Leona is a Member of the National Trust Officers Association and has successfully completed Phase 1 & 2 Trustee Training Program through Lethbridge College. She plans to continue building on her financial literacy knowledge and experience with Indigenous Trusts.

In her free time Leona loves to play piano and use her creative skills to invent novel beadwork designs, but mostly, she enjoys spending time with family and friends at camp in Wiikwemkoong.

Our Financial Team

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